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This website describes an experiment that was performed to evaluate the performance of an integrated evaporative cooling system. The video below is a recording of intake and exhaust temperatures of the integrated evaporative prototype as is was tested midday on July 23, 2005. The test location was in Panama City, Florida. The only energy consuming device operating was a 100W fan. The video shows an infrared thermometer being used to take temperature readings at the intake plenum and the exhaust port. The viewer will note that there is approximately a twenty degree temperature difference. Please also note the psychrometric calculations at the last few frames of the video. Weather data logged for July 23rd indicates the lowest RH for the day of 51% occured at 1pm.




Summary of potential indicated by the Integrated Evaporative prototype

Applicable in humid environments No moisture added to living spaces

Has significant "thermal flywheel" can "coast" overnight and on cloudy days

Very low power demand Far less power compared to vapor compression

Air conditioned "Net-Zero" buildings may be self sufficient with current renewable technologies

Cools and insulates via the same process "dynamic insulation" insures very low heat gain

Solar powered radiant heating via rooftop collector utilizes same in-wall components

No novel construction techniques required no special training for construction crews

No uncommon materials required no exotic or prohibitively expensive materials required

Addresses a market demand market demand will likely expand for the foreseeable future

Positive impact on environment reduction of greenhouse gases and CFCs

Positive Water Usage Impact Intrinsic potential to condense and reuse process water in some areas

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